Month: March 2022

960 SafeTrx Rescue Missions initiated in 2021

Accurate and continuous position information is critical for Search & Rescue responders. SafeTrx continually monitors the casualty’s location from first alert to recovery, providing reassuring protection when and where it’s needed the most. Official reports from our Search & Rescue partners in 11 countries show that in 2021, SafeTrx was involved in over 960 search and rescue missions in locations across the globe, from Europe to Australia. The Netherlands alone saw a significant 68% increase in the number of SafeTrx missions on the previous year. This includes the world’s first rescue of a wing surfer who was wearing our SafeTrx Active wearable device. He was able to send an alert while surviving in the cold North Sea and was saved by members of surf club Jumpteam …

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SafeTrx Active Feature Release March 2022

At SafeTrx, every new feature we develop is focused on the people who need it most. This month we listened to our existing customers and have delivered features they need to both enjoy their sport and most importantly to stay safe. This month’s new features: Improved Location Tracking  We’ve worked closely with Sony to improve the performance of the GPS locations in the watch. There are three significant improvements:  SafeTrx Active that now compares favourably with all other stand-alone watches on the market. This means the watch will start to record location within 10-20 seconds now.  We can pinpoint your position with a greater degree of certainty than ever before.  Improved sensitivity means that the watch is less likely to see temporary loss of position …

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