Month: May 2023

SafeTrx Wander Alert: A Solution for Wandering Dementia Patients

Introduction Wandering is a common and concerning behaviour among individuals living with dementia, with significant implications for their safety, well-being, and caregivers’ mental health. As the prevalence of dementia continues to rise across Europe, the wandering issue has become increasingly relevant. This blog post delves into the scale of the wandering problem among dementia patients in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, highlighting the importance of addressing this complex issue. We also explore SafeTrx Wander Alert as a promising solution to help manage wandering behavior in dementia patients. Dementia Prevalence in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France Based on data available up to September 2021, the approximate number of people living with dementia in each country is as follows: Germany: 1.6 million Belgium: 200,000 Netherlands: …

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