8 West Consulting and Zembro Partner to Announce Zembro Care

Cork, Ireland, and Brussels, Belgium, 14th September 2022.

8 West Consulting (Cork) and Zembro (Brussels) have collaborated to launch Zembro Care, a technical platform that offers advanced digital solutions to the healthcare and caregiving market.

Zembro Care will utilise 8 West’s SafeTrx suite of products running on the mSafety connected wearable from Sony Network Communications Europe and the SafeTrx Care cloud platform, in addition to a range of new wearables, IOT home monitoring devices, voice activated applications, user friendly smartphone applications and direct integration with monitoring and alerting solutions for elderly care, both in care homes and for independent living at home. The existing and popular range of Zembro products used throughout Europe will continue to be supported.

The Zembro Care platform offers class-leading wearable options for clients as well as full virtual platform options for organizations wishing to host their aged care business allowing them to save cost and time to market.

Caroline Van Zele, CEO of Zembro, says: “The first application of this exciting partnership is Wander Alert, whereby people with cognitive disabilities can wear a robust watch for reassurance. This offers carers and care home administrators indoor tracking with simple Bluetooth beacons, outdoor tracking via GPS, and geofence alerting with live updating in case of a person getting lost. It also features not-worn alerting, manual emergency alerting, and the ability to send reassuring messages to wearers who realize they have become lost.”

John Murphy, CEO of 8 West, adds: “The launch of the Zembro Care platform enables a roadmap of solutions to support people seeking a healthy independent lifestyle as they get older. These solutions are backed by additional devices, smart-home monitoring, health and wellbeing monitoring, and advanced reliable fall detection with multiple integrations to existing alerting platforms.”

For more information about our solutions, please see www.safetrxapp.com and www.zembro.com,
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About SafeTrx
SafeTrx is the flagship tracking, care, and alerting solution from Irish software company 8 West Consulting. Based in Cork, 8 West builds digitization projects and solutions to reduce risks and protect lives.
SafeTrx is closely integrated to professional partners and draws on the experience of 24 years in software development and on the expertise of 270 employees. 8 West is ISO27001 certified, with extensive experience at building applications to HIPAA and GDPR standards.
SafeTrx has been deployed in 11 countries for maritime rescue, and in several private clients for remote patient monitoring and employee protection.

About Zembro
Launched in 2015 by leading Belgian entrepreneurs, the Zembro alert watch connects older adults with their caregivers in case of emergency and has been deployed widely throughout Europe. Now part of IOT specialist group Crescent NV and VZH Holding, and partnered with SafeTrx, Zembro offers a comprehensive service offer both to consumers and strategic partners. Zembro Care makes independent living for older adults safer, and their caregiving teams more connected and collaborative.

Zembro: info@zembro.com
8 West: info@8west.ie