8 West and Infonomy Partner to offer fully connected fall alerting

Cork, Ireland, and Lund, Sweden, 1st October 2021.

8 West Consulting (Cork) and Infonomy (Lund) announce a partnership to bring combined fall alerting with a connected wearable solution to markets worldwide to improve the reliability and coverage of fall detection among older people.

The combined solution comprises Infonomy’s world-leading fall-detection device, the Stumbelometer®, with 8 West’s best-in-class health and safety monitoring solution SafeTrx Care.  The Stumbelometer® is a wearable device that has been scientifically proven to measure and analyze changes in gait, movement patterns, balance and detect fall events. The device can be worn where it is neither felt by the user nor seen by others. It is thus completely unobtrusive and non-stigmatizing. The Stumbelometer can detect a broad range of fall types common among older people, including falls that traditionally have been very hard to detect.

The SafeTrx Care solution, which features the LTE-M connected mSafety wearable from Sony, constantly monitors the Stumbelometer and sends instant alerts when a wearer falls.  Alerts are received in real-time by the SafeTrx Care cloud-hosted platform and are notified to care provider organisations and/or next of kin, via console, email, or SMS.

Helmuth Kristen, CEO of Infonomy: “The solution is ready for sale now and brings innovation to this rapidly growing market where poor performance by existing products have held back widespread adoption of fall detection solutions.”

John Murphy, CEO of 8 West: “We are very excited to launch the combined SafeTrx Care Stumbelometer solution, which adds intelligence to detect falls in progress, allow wearers to cancel or confirm alerts, and includes key information such as position after a fall to assist medical staff in post-fall care.”

It is very valuable for doctors and caregivers to know the timeline of a fall event, and the position after a fall, to improve post-fall care. Additionally, the reassurance of being always connected for alerts, whether at home or out and about, reduces the fear of falling, which often causes older people to become less active.

John Murphy adds: “This product gives confidence back to older people, encouraging them to remain active and independent.  We look forward to engaging with our existing and new customers globally in homecare organisations, care homes, hospitals, and medical service providers.”

About 8 West

“ 8 West Consulting is a software development company driven by innovation and passionate about delivering proven results. SafeTrx is a product of 8 West and is developed to reduce risk and protect lives.

We build smart, secure and scalable solutions that meet the complex needs of the ever-changing connected world.

We work closely with our professional partners and draw on the experience of our 22 years in the software development industry and the expertise of our 200+ employees.”

About Infonomy

”Infonomy develops biokinetic algorithms to promote a healthy living. Drawing on a deep knowledge of physics, physiology and IT, the algorithms are the result of more than ten years of R&D. The algorithms optimize energy consumption, processing capabilities and storage capacity of sensor systems.

Infonomy products such as the Snubblometer® set out to change the game of fall prevention.”