Australian Outriggers Canoe Racing Association Choose SafeTrx Flotilla

We are delighted to announce that the Australian Outriggers Canoe Racing Association (AOCRA) has chosen SafeTrx Flotilla to safely track participants at their national and international events.
With over 4,000 members, AOCRA is the national governing body for the sport of outrigging canoe paddling in Australia and is responsible for the governance, management and administration of the sport at a national level. An increasingly popular water sport, outrigger canoe paddling has its origins in the coastal culture of the Pacific rim region.
AOCRA oversees and organises racing throughout Australia, working with individual state zones to run events throughout the country.
Following a successful trial of the SafeTrx Flotilla software at the iconic Sydney Harbour Challenge in February, the AOCRA committee chose to adopt the event tracking software for use in future AOCRA events across Australia.
Event safety on the water is paramount and the sporting body choose to use SafeTrx Flotilla so that the AOCRA safety management team can monitor and track the event participants live via the SafeTrx Flotilla Event website, which is fully integrated with Australian Volunteer Coast Guard SafeTrx system. This allows both AOCRA event safety crew and Australian Volunteer Coast Guard search and rescue teams respond to an emergency as quickly as possible if needed.
Janine Nikora, Australian Outrigger National Events, said “AOCRA chose SafeTrx Flotilla as it an effective solution for live monitoring of all outrigger competitors racing on the water which is critical for our team managing water safety. Our On Water Team can locate and respond immediately in the event of an alerted emergency. We love that our supporters can follow the race as well.”
Nessa Malone, SafeTrx Product Manager, said “AOCRA saw the immediate benefit Flotilla brought to their water safety protocols at the Sydney Harbour Challenge. The visibility of competitor locations dramatically enhances AOCRA’s ability to find paddlers at sea. From elite athletes right through to junior paddlers, SafeTrx Flotilla will help keep AOCRA members safe across all areas of outrigging in Australia.”
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