Danish Defence Forces Promote SafeTrx App

When it comes to saving lives every second counts.

The Danish Defence Forces, Forsvaret highlighted the importance of the SafeTrx ‘Sail Safe Alarm app’ in their online article ‘If you sound the alarm via the Sail Safe Alarm app, the Armed Forces’ rescue service will get your position immediately and can thus send rescue vessels directly to you. This saves valuable time that can potentially save your life.’

SafeTrx gives search and rescue organisations the capability to track a casualty’s position in real time so they can maximise the effectiveness of their search and rescue operation.

At SafeTrx it is our mission to reduce risk and protect lives and we are delighted to have the support of The Danish Defence Forces’ who is spreading the word of SafeTrx and the importance of safety at sea.

SafeTrx – taking the search out of search and rescue.

You can read the full article here https://forsvaret.dk/…/2021/appogersikkerhedentilsos/

*This article is in Danish