Indian Ocean Paddlers choose Safetrx Flotilla Event

We are delighted to announce that the Indian Ocean Paddlers (IOP) club has chosen SafeTrx Flotilla Event to safely track participants in two upcoming events this November.

IOP, based in Perth, Australia, is a club dedicated to downwind ocean paddling. SafeTrx Flotilla Event will track the ocean surf skiing downwind competitors at the FENN West Coast Downwinder 24km race on 20th November and again at the OCEANBUILT Gage Roads Run 26km race on the 27th November. Ending in Sorrento SLSC,  the IOP races attract experienced paddlers to participate in an open ocean route along the coast.

Event safety on the water is paramount and the event organisers choose to use SafeTrx Flotilla Event so that the IOP safety and emergency management team can monitor and track the event participants live via the SafeTrx Flotilla Event website, which is fully integrated with Australian Volunteer Coast Guard’s SafeTrx system. This allows both IOP event safety crew and Australian Volunteer Coast Guard SAR teams respond to an emergency as quickly as possible if needed.

Guy Burnett, Treasurer of IOP, said “IOP is extremely excited to be using Flotilla to enhance our water safety protocols. The visibility of competitor location will dramatically enhance our ability to find paddlers at sea. In addition it’s a great benefit for paddlers family and friends to be able to monitor the paddlers while on the water. All up a great enhancement for our paddling fraternity.”

Nessa Malone, SafeTrx Product Manager said “We are delighted to be working with IOP who want to bring safety to the forefront for the upcoming ocean paddling races. They chose SafeTrx Flotilla Event as it will allow the event organiser’s safety team track all participants live and shorten their response time in the event of an emergency situation. With tracking and safety solutions such as SafeTrx Flotilla Event and SafeTrx Active Pro available to watersports clubs, it means competitors and club members can relax and enjoy their time on the water knowing help is at hand if needed.”

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