North Sea Farmers Use SafeTrx Protect For Worker Safety

Delighted to announce that North Sea Farmers (NSF) are going to use our SafeTrx Protect apps on the mSafety wearable from Sony Network Communications Europe.

The SafeTrx Protect app uses the same tracking and alert technology as the SafeTrx Active app but is engineered for businesses rather than consumers. Both have direct integration to the SafeTrx Maritime Platform used by the KNRM and Dutch Coastguard.

Zinzi Reimert – Manager Offshore Test Site, “Watches that offer a solution in the event of an offshore calamity: it not only makes surfing safer, but also the work of the workers on our Offshore Test Site. That’s why we’re happy to be the first to use this technique. The SafeTrx Protect watch keeps track of your exact location and will send a signal to the coast guard in case of an emergency.

Together with 8 West Consulting North Sea Farmers is able to keep the RIB boat crew of all the users of the Offshore Test Site safe during the stormy season. “

North Sea Farmers is an international membership foundation for the seaweed sector, consisting of approximately one hundred diverse members and partners. NSF works on joint investment projects and knowledge exchange on all aspects of sustainable seaweed cultivation. Its activities are focused on but not limited to the North Sea.