Redningsselskapet Operational Statistics Shows Significant Rise in SafeTrx Activity

Every year, more and more people around the world are putting their trust in SafeTrx tracking and alerting technology. Norway is no different as Martin Fuhr Bolstad, Director of Digitalisation and Projects of Redningsselskapet (Norwegian Sea Rescue Society), shared the latest SafeTrx operational statistics at the annual SafeTrx User Group meeting earlier this month. 

Martin reported that Redningsselskapet saw over 5,000 trips logged on the SafeTrx tracking and alerting Smartphone application so far this year. This sees a substantial 50% increase on the same period last year, allowing the rescue organisation to safely monitor more leisure craft traffic on the water. 

Redningsselskapets have had over 350 SafeTrx assistance and emergency missions this year, which translates into 7% of the rescue organisation’s total number of missions. 

Redningsselskapet also prevented people getting into trouble in the first place. They sent over 1 million geofenced weather warnings to SafeTrx users via the SafeTrx Messaging API, with the aim of preventing incidents at sea. This forms part of the rescue organisations ‘Digital Rescue Boat’ initiative to improve the overall quality of maritime rescue operations.

There has been over 13,000 new Norwegian SafeTrx users this year, which sees a 25% increase on the total number of registered users on last year. TV advertising and social media campaigns in Norway contributed to the increased uptake of the app. This is comparable to the 14% to 24% increase in other countries where the SafeTrx platform is currently operating in. 

The rescue organisation’s drowning statistics show that by the end of October this year, 67 people have drowned in Norway. This is a decrease of 17% compared to the same time last year, when 81 people had drowned.

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