SafeTrx Active BRU2 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of SafeTrx Active BRU2. This update has been applied to our cloud servers and all existing customers will see the new features reflected in the day to day use of the SafeTrx Active watch and the SafeTrx Active web app.New or changed features:

Trim Activity Sessions
As well as being able to edit the activity type and delete your activities, we’ve now added the ability to trim the start and end of your sessions in the SafeTrx Active Web App. This feature allows you to remove any time spent preparing or wrapping up at the end of a session. As well as keeping your track nice and neat, trimming a session will also remove all that data from your activity stats, such as max speed, average speed, duration and distance travelled.

Replay Activity Sessions
We’ve added the option to replay your activity session at a variety of speeds so that both you and your friends can retrace and analyse a session from the start. As the session plays it will update the speed, time and distance stats so check out if you really were going as fast as you thought! We hope you’ll have a lot of fun with this feature, but from a safety perspective the replay can also be useful if emergency services or contacts need to understand duration, direction and speed you were travelling.

Equipment Management
We’ve added the ability for you to load details of all your equipment in the SafeTrx Active web app and then register quickly which equipment you are using for a session. As well as being an interesting reminder to you of what equipment you were using during a previous session, this information can provide vital details to the rescue services about what to look out for, which could save them critical minutes in finding you. Make sure you upload all your equipment and that you keep it up to date as you make changes. Once you start an activity we’ll store your equipment details and make sure we pass it on to the rescue services in the event that you have to raise an alert.