SafeTrx Active Feature Release March 2022

At SafeTrx, every new feature we develop is focused on the people who need it most. This month we listened to our existing customers and have delivered features they need to both enjoy their sport and most importantly to stay safe.

This month’s new features:

Improved Location Tracking 

We’ve worked closely with Sony to improve the performance of the GPS locations in the watch. There are three significant improvements: 

  1. SafeTrx Active that now compares favourably with all other stand-alone watches on the market. This means the watch will start to record location within 10-20 seconds now. 
  1. We can pinpoint your position with a greater degree of certainty than ever before. 
  1. Improved sensitivity means that the watch is less likely to see temporary loss of position on tracks close to obstructions or when temporarily indoors. 

 Ability for Contacts to send messages from Activity, Assistance and Alert Share Screens 

 We’ve added the ability for people to keep in contact with their friends and family while out a sea.  

They can send messages directly to the watch and you will have the ability to send them a response from the watch.  

There are many great ways to using this feature, as well as the obvious one of being able to respond to questions when in an emergency situation. 

An example of how this might be used with an assistance request is shown below. 

Wind, Wave and Weather Information

Once you start an activity on the watch, it receives the current wind, wave and weather information at your current location and displays it on the watch face for you.

Samples of the screens are shown below.

This isn’t a mandatory feature as we understand you might not want all this information, so we have added the ability for you to turn off/edit the communication capabilities of this feature off via the SafeTrx Active Web App.

Directions from Activity/Alert Shares

While you’re out enjoying your sport your contacts can now get directions to your location using Google or Apple Maps. This is a nice one to use if you’re looking for a lift back after a tiring session!

In The Media

In February there was a really nice article by De Telegraaf on the SafeTrx KNRM Helpt App.

The article mentioned the KNRM Helpt App which is a product of the SafeTrx suite. The SafeTrx team works really closely with our partners at KNRM, and we have worked together on the development of the SafeTrx Active watch.

‘Recently, a special watch has become available that uses the same technology as the KNRM Helps app. KNRM has helped with the development and testing of this watch.’

Product Review

This month We Test Kites wrote an independent review of SafeTrx Active.

We Test Kites explains to its readers how SafeTrx Active is a simple, premium, dedicated safety device. Just like We Test Kites we understand the importance of safety which is why the SafeTrx Active watch is directly connected local search and rescue organisations.

Sander Kuipers, from the KNRM was interviewed for the review and said “We want to achieve a few things with SafeTrx. First of all raising awareness on safety. Which isn’t an easy task with kiteboarders. The second one is to reduce the time needed to rescue someone. Sometimes it takes us 3 to 4 hours to find someone. Imagine looking for a dark wetsuit in the North Sea.”

If you would like to see SafeTrx Active in action please visit our YouTube channel where you can watch our How To Tutorials or you can check out our new playlist Active Watch & Web App Features where you can get a preview of how each feature works.

Want to learn more about SafeTrx Active?

Visit our website now to explore everything SafeTrx Active has to offer. If you have any questions, please contact us at and one of our team members will be there to talk to you.

You can expect a lot more from SafeTrx Active this year as we continually work on the Web App and the Active watch to bring features to give more opportunities to make use of SafeTrx Active but always making sure that safety is our number one priority.

Wherever. Whatever. We’ll find you.