SafeTrx Active now available for Schools and Clubs

SafeTrx Active delivers real time, precise positioning and tracking with wrist activated
rescue alerts transmitted directly to the local water sports school, club or local rescue services. This minimises the time a water sport user spends in danger at sea and maximises the effectiveness of search and rescue operations in their recovery.

Available as a completely self contained system with wearables, tracking and monitoring software, the SafeTrx Active product for water sports schools and clubs can be used anywhere in the world where the LTE-M network is available.

Until now open water sports participants relied on mobile phones to call for help. SafeTrx Active with the SafeTrx system now on a wearable is an extension of the SafeTrx product range. This is the next generation of SafeTrx offering even higher levels of reliability and safety. The mSafety wearable from Sony boasts exceptional battery life, is waterproof and is designed to fit unobtrusively on an athlete’s wrist.

SafeTrx Active is fully compatible with the SafeTrx Maritime platform meaning that in countries such as the Netherlands and Norway, the emergency alerts will be sent directly to the Coast Guard ensuring that rescues can be effectively coordinated between the club and the Search and Rescue organisation to provide the fastest and most efficient rescue.

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