SafeTrx Active releases the world’s first dedicated and connected search and rescue watch for water and outdoor sport users.

8 West Consulting launches the revolutionary track and alert SafeTrx Active platform utilising the mSafety wearable from Sony. SafeTrx Active is a purpose-built personal emergency search and rescue system for open water and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

SafeTrx Active Available now in The Netherlands

The sea is the world’s biggest playground, and now it has a safety net. Open water sports like kite and windsurfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, sailing and open water swimming are booming, but just like the ocean, they are inherently dangerous and account for a high percentage of search and rescue operations around the world. For this reason, 8 West Consulting created SafeTrx Active on the mSafety wearable from Sony, giving sports enthusiasts a lightweight, waterproof personal safety and rescue device that provides a security and confidence in which performance can flourish.

SafeTrx Active on the mSafety wearable from Sony

So how does it work? Register your SafeTrx Active watch on the SafeTrx Active web app and add your emergency contacts. Then you can leave your smartphone on shore, or at home, and the SafeTrx Active watch, with its revolutionary track and alert feature, will save your ultra-precise tracks automatically and in real-time to the SafeTrx Active web app and to Strava for sharing with friends and family – without having to sync with your smartphone first. If you get into trouble, SafeTrx will find you – and alert the Kustwacht and KNRM directly, and your chosen contact.

SafeTrx’s highly accurate, real time, locating capability minimises the time you’re left in the water, enabling the search and rescue service to get you to safety faster than ever. SafeTrx Active takes the search out of search and rescue.

Your chosen emergency contacts can always and in real-time see precisely where you are through the SafeTrx Active web app Searchlight feature.

SafeTrx Active and the SafeTrx Web App

The mSafety wearable from Sony is a revolutionary device which uses precise GPS positioning and long range yet very power efficient LTE-M technology to create a direct connection from the athlete to the SafeTrx Active system onshore. Equipped with a built-in modem and SIM, this watch is ready to go!

SafeTrx Active has been developed in consultation with some of the world’s leading rescue organisations and more and more coastguards and lifeboat services around the world are partnering with SafeTrx Active, helping people like you to enjoy the sea – in confidence – knowing that help is at hand, if you need it. SafeTrx Active supports these organisations with donations to assist their invaluable service to ocean safety around the globe. SafeTrx Active will be fully supported in the operations of KNRM in the Netherlands with other countries following soon.

KNRM Lifeboat

SafeTrx will collaborate with local and international sports organisations, industry brands, clubs and kite schools to create the SafeTrx Safety Academy, a universally accessible hub for safety information and knowledge, to plug the gaps that currently exist in the community’s understanding of open water safety. The Safety Academy will provide online tutorials, a knowledge data base, a community section, and hands-on beach safety clinics in cooperation with search and rescue organizations, brands, schools, pro athletes, and media partners.

SafeTrx Active is also available in a Pro version for schools and clubs. SafeTrx Active Pro has been used by Jumpteam, Europe’s biggest watersports club, located in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, where its 1500 members have been able to trial the SafeTrx Active system since June.

SafeTrx Active Pro Jumpteam Scheveningen

SafeTrx Active will launch in November 2021 in selected European countries, in time for the waves and wind of winter storms and providing reassuring protection when and where it is needed most, to reduce risk and protect lives on the water.  Check out for more details.

SafeTrx is the world’s leading maritime search and rescue application, with over 750,000 recorded hours of use globally and over 1,000 rescue missions recorded in 2020.

Wherever. Whatever. We’ll find you.

About 8 West Consulting

8 West Consulting is a software development company driven by innovation and passionate about delivering proven results. SafeTrx is a product of 8 West and is developed to reduce risk and protect lives. We build smart, secure, and scalable solutions that meet the complex needs of the ever-changing connected world. We work closely with our professional partners and draw on the experience of our 22 years in the software development industry and the expertise of our 200+ employees.

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