SafeTrx Active tracks Daniel Salbu in 3,000KM Norwegian Kayak Challenge

Daniel Salbu is paddling the 3000 KM Norwegian coastline to raise money for Redningsselskapet,the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society.

Check out Daniels journey on the SafeTrx Active live tracking page: 

Safety is paramount, so he’s using SafeTrx Active watch by Sony to continuously track his location in realtime whilst on the water. The watch also gives him the option to activate an alert to Redningsselskapet if he needs urgent help.

Daniel: “I’m really happy to have the opportunity to call for help using my SafeTrx watch. It gives me an extra sense of security and allows you to lower your shoulders and rely on your own skills.”

Daniel started his ambitious kayaking journey north on May 22nd from Sponvika on the Norway/Sweden border and aims to arrive in Grense Jakobselv near the Russian border by August. SafeTrx Active has been reporting his position every minute with GPS accuracies of 10 metres or less. Daniel expects to paddle more than 50km a day and SafeTrx Active will be there to track him every day of the challenge!

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