SafeTrx Active wearable used in Dutch SAREX

Using the continuous precise positioning information available in SafeTrx Active, search times are reduced and survival chances are significantly increased.

SafeTrx Active’s capability as a tracking and alerting device came into its own during a recent Search and Rescue exercise by the KNRM – Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding MaatschappijThe KNRM staged an emergency where somebody had fallen over board and had started to drift. They equipped a floating dummy with the mSafety wearable from Sony and dropped it offshore leaving it and a rib to drift. Once the Coast Guard received a call with the initial alert location they then had to calculate and predict how far the dummy will drift with wind and tidal currents.

During the conventional search exercise, a team ashore and onboard used the SafeTrx C2 dashboard to monitor data received from the dummy and the rib’s SafeTrx Active wearable such as continuous positioning and tracking, speed, battery life and signal strength.

It was good to see that these essential functions worked very well

Henk Kok, Senior Advisor of the KNRM

Using SafeTrx Active, gives search and rescue organisations like the KNRM and the Dutch Coast Guard the capability to track a casualty’s position in real time. This SAR exercise has again proven that SafeTrx helps take the search out of search and rescue.’

Nessa Malone, SafeTrx Product Manager