ESRI nautical charts in the safetrx app “knrm helps”

Today SafeTrx announced support for ESRI nautical charts in our Dutch SafeTrx app “KNRM Helps”.

The SafeTrx development team together with the KNRM and ESRI have developed an integration that delivers high quality ENC charts to the SafeTrx application. Key to enabling this new capability is the requirement that the SafeTrx licensee already has a business relationship with ESRI and has the rights to the necessary S57 data. Once these two elements are in place, the SafeTrx team can easily implement the charts!

Using the Dutch Hydrographic Office data set, ESRI are providing the KNRM with ENC basemaps, which will be rendered in the SafeTrx “KNRM Helps” maps from their ArcGIS Online service – . ESRI upload new ENC files and create a new tile set periodically.

The high quality ENC charts, now including bathymetry and many more nautical details, will provide a rich experience to all SafeTrx users in the Netherlands and is available for free with the SafeTrx “KNRM Helps” app.