SafeTrx Flotilla Tracks South Australian Ocean Paddling Series

Race 1 in the 2021 South Australian Ocean Paddling Series

SafeTrx Flotilla tracked participants in the first race of the 2021 South Australian Ocean Paddling (SOAP) Series which took place on South Australia’s Metro-Coast last Saturday 28th August.  The majority of the 65 participants were safely monitored using the Flotilla race tracking software along the 15km course.  

The use of SafeTrx by competitors is an integral part of the race series safety plan. SafeTrx assists in keeping everyone safe by enabling race organisers (and the public) to track the location of each competitor via SafeTrx Flotilla. If race management detects via SafeTrx Flotilla that the forward movement of a competitor has stopped, they radio one of the Inshore Rescue Boat’s to direct them to the competitors location to check on their well-being regardless of whether they have called for assistance or not. The Coast Guard SafeTrx app used by competitors in this race is also monitored by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.

You can play back Race 1 of the series using the following link:

Congratulations to all who took part and we look forward to the remaining two races in the series taking place on the 19th September and 17th October respectively.