SafeTrx in the South Australian Ocean & Surfski Paddlers safety plan

SafeTrx Flotilla tracked participants in the first race of the 2021 South Australian Ocean and Surf Ski Paddlers (SAOP) Series which took place on South Australia’s Metro-Coast last Saturday 28th August. The use of SafeTrx by competitors is an integral part of the series safety plan, as posted on the SAOP Instagram page:

“Additionally, the app SafeTrx is absolutely fundamental in ensuring our paddlers safety is maintained and this is why we do our best to enforce its use. The SafeTrx system allows our water safety to have a live feed of the exact location of all of our paddlers for the duration of the race. We have a land based monitor who watches the app and is able to alert the water safety via radio if a paddler is not moving forward or appears to be in difficulty.

Not only is SafeTrx the best way for our water safety to keep an eye on everyone, it’s also great to be able to watch how the race unfolded. You can look back and see what line you took in comparison to your competitors, analyse their race tactics and see each competitor’s speeds throughout each section of the race. We will provide renewed information about SafeTrx closer to the next race but if at any point there are any questions please send us a message and we will be happy to help! Next time you head out for a paddle why not give it a try on track only mode.”

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Race 1 playback: