SafeTrx Wander Alert customer feedback

Our Wander Alert wearable product, sold as Zembro Wander Alert by our sales and marketing partner Zembro, is now in use by elderly care organisations in Europe. Feedback on the product has been excellent so far:

“We chose Zembro Wander Alert because it offers an unparalleled level of indoor and outdoor tracking for our dementia sufferers on a robust, cleanable watch,” says Johannes Kamm, Director of Haus St Michael residential care home in Kirchberg, Germany.  “Crucially, Zembro Wander Alert has allowed us to welcome new residents with early stage dementia whom we would otherwise be unable to manage at our facility.”

The Wander Alert product on the Sony mSafety watch features indoor and outdoor tracking as well as geofenced and wearing/not wearing alerts. Wander Alert is based on our SafeTrx Active search and rescue wearable product that has proven to be a highly reliable and robust track and trace product.

Wander Alert is available for purchase or rent via our partner Zembro, you can contact them at