Zembro Announces Launch of B2B Product Suite



Nieuwenrode Belgium, Friday 3rd March 2023.

Zembro today announces the release of its professional suite of personal alerting and tracking products for care and monitoring of elders, focussing on high quality and digital connectivity for indoor and outdoor alerting with particular focus on high-quality products for dementia sufferers.

The suite of products comprises four wearable products connected to a secure platform:

Zembro Wander Alert                                                  Zembro Simple Alert


Zembro Essentials Mini                                             Zembro Essentials Comfort


Each product comprises a wearable alerting bracelet or alerting button which works indoors and outdoors, cellular network connected to a cloud-hosted platform which allows care organisations to respond to or forward alerts to existing alerting platforms.

Zembro Wander Alert and Zembro Simple Alert feature the mSafety from SONY, a robust professional-grade search and rescue wearable which is setting new standards for durability, reusability, connectivity, and quality of battery and GPS tracking.  Wander Alert also features lockable straps and automated alerts for dementia sufferers, providing a flexible but detailed level of indoor and outdoor tracking with minute-by-minute position updates when a person has wandered and needs to be found quickly.

Each product is connected to the new Zembro Care Platform, which allows care homes and other professional clients to view and manage alerts, control which alerts are forwarded to integrated 24×7 call centres or to friends and family contacts, and to track users with timelines.  Each alert contains a clickable link to follow the details and if necessary close the alert, without any need for a login.  There is also a mobile app to allow carers to view multiple watch wearers in a single view while on the go.

Zembro has deployed the Zembro Care solutions to multiple care homes in Europe, across France, Germany, Benelux, and the Nordics, where Wander Alert in particular is helping alleviate the workload on staff.

“We chose Zembro Wander Alert because it offers an unparalleled level of indoor and outdoor tracking for our dementia sufferers on a robust, cleanable watch,” says the director of the first German care home where Wander Alert is deployed.  “Crucially, Zembro Wander Alert has allowed us to welcome new residents with early stage dementia whom we would otherwise be unable to manage at our facility.”

Zembro is also announcing the availability of its product suite on a rental basis.  Contact your Zembro sales agent for further information.

The entire solution of wearables and platform has been developed in close partnership with 8 West of Ireland, whose SafeTrx system is widely used for maritime rescue globally.  Users of Zembro Care have the reassurance that the solution has been tried and tested in the most challenging environments, where real-time tracking and alerting is trusted by coastguards and lifeboat organisations to provide them real time track and trace which saves lives every year.


About Zembro

When launched in 2015 by leading Belgian entrepreneurs, Zembro stood at the forefront of remote elderly care throughout Europe and gained significant brand heritage for its easy-to-use Zembro alert watch. Now part of IOT specialist group Crescent NV and VZH Holding, and partnered with SafeTrx, Zembro offers a comprehensive service portfolio both to consumers and strategic industry partners. Zembro is uniquely positioned thanks to its flexible service offer of reliable, interconnected, and durable products and services leveraging leading alerting and predictive technologies.  Zembro Care makes independent living for older adults safer, and their caregiving teams more connected and collaborative.


About SafeTrx

SafeTrx is the flagship tracking, care, and alerting solution from Irish software company 8 West Consulting.  Based in Cork, 8 West builds digitization projects and solutions to reduce risks and protect lives.

SafeTrx is closely integrated to professional partners and draws on the experience of 25 years in software development and on the expertise of 270 employees.  8 West is ISO27001 certified, with extensive experience at building applications to HIPAA and GDPR standards.

SafeTrx has been deployed in 11 countries for maritime rescue, and in several private clients for remote patient monitoring and employee protection.


Zembro Care products are available to purchase via our website, or mail service@zembro.com